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Wednesday, January 26, 2011 @ 5:40 PM
Fear, crawling trough my friggin sensitive nerves.
"..是咯,你都无忧无虑的", 我庆幸在你们的眼中我是最没有烦恼的那一个.
我非常讨厌那种伤心的感觉, (':

:):, Well it's a sigh that you don't know my status is aiming about you and you thought it was about another person. *Pathetic smile, yes maybe this is good cz i'm so scared of breaking hearts.
And why i suddenly felt like this? Idk, i keep thinking of it, for about few days already O_O Awkward feeling..
Btw, sorry.

i wish i have a relaxed heart. Oh.

Last few days heard my friend say about something, zz, i didn't do anything and then being hated by a girl. All i did was liking a wall post, wtf haha, suan le bah. At least the hater thinks i'm cute and pretty, before :$ woot woot.


LOLed by many of my friends, so what can i do to prove i don't have feels for cgz anymore ah? - - Find a new boyfriend? Wthell i don't wanna play with love games anymore. Wait, wait until i found a true hearted one :$ BUT CAN YOU ALL JUST STOP SAYING THAT I LIKE HIM? IT'S ANNOYING. olingo, don't think i won't get angry okay? I'll piss off anytime without warning

Oh welllllllllllllllll, CNY IS COMING! (: Angpau angpau come come.
But where's the meaning of family? Thanks divorced mum and dad giving me a spoiled family.

And yeah, after this week our lovely DERRICK's gonna leave :'( Omfg, my BM gonna suck balls. Luckily he'll give us tuitions, if not? Hah. How about 4AXiao after he left? Idk, i'm just starting to feel like a class, and suddenly without the point, we're like lost. But, life still goes on ): AHH 4AXIAO, hmm hmm hmm.

Gonna start tuition and studying for tomorrow's exam already, how sad. Bye, if you really read my bloggie. xoxo.
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Xoxoxo, in the new beginning. New year ;) 1.1.11 This is life Ohnana, celyn's my name. MIMIMOMO O: Your eyes , my heart , our memories , fade away . Hehehe , memang ! (: Lies hurts like bloody hell . celynwotaoyannidelo. Polite greetings .