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falls down
you are the only one i need
stay close
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Friday, November 26, 2010 @ 12:23 AM
Your eyes , my heart , our memories , fade away .
ARGHHHHHHHHH , 20th of November till 22nd , 3yi's class trip at lanjut .
NICE NICE NICE memories i love you guys so much *muacks

CLICK ! for the albummmm (: Nice beach , nice view , friends summore ! this is love :D

well , planning loads of activities for my hols , exciteddd !
Now in FB everyone's profile pictures are cartoons , childhood memories (:
Started using skype also hahahahahhaha , so noob la me please , no mic summore hear them talk talk talk so fun !

mwuahahahhahhaha .

Off the top we go.
Thursday, November 18, 2010 @ 5:09 PM
Hehehe , memang ! (:

I never thought that holidays would come so fast , hen damn fast D:
Lying awake every morning imagining it was school day and i miss it , A LOT .
2010 days in chonghwa is love (: 3yi'10 , 2yi'10 gang , BFF , and you you you *hearts .


sniff sniff cough cough dizzy dizzy-ing now ):
My mum said the viruses came for the right time .
idk why i have to be sick for a while before every trip OMG :D
Means i'm happy lots lots !

Think i'm leaving , sigh . I had to say i love you guys so much , tooooooooooooooooo muack muack . Sad no no guys :D
Actually i still confused .
Really dont know i shud transfer or not zz .
Desperate to know what class i'm in next year but not the books , stress , results nor boys :x
Oh , get over it .

Facebook days was , BORING .
Everyday seeing them post love love statuses i get - -
Ah , teen romance , teen romance , teen romance ? Just so memorable and immature .
Let it go hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha .
Can't believe i said those things to him LOL and never thought of his reply .
Addicted to his lies again , HE HAS GREAT LYING SKILLS FOR GIRLS :D
No trust in him right ? O:

Drinking water with my new NIKE bottle now healthy healthy (:
Raining outside , dark sky , now i dont miss people in this weather :D

CELYN is the new love
Off the top we go.
Sunday, November 7, 2010 @ 12:48 AM
Lies hurts like bloody hell .
LOL i heart this much , hello , last week for 3yi .

What a touching day for form6s today (: GRADUATION PLEASE .
Next year i'm gonna be a senior and i'm happy with it .
Although i cant wear long pants ):
But sweet sixteen ? (: (: fucking feel great .

Well , i think i only know how to hurt people .
I'm protecting myself from being hurt , selfishness ):
Sigh , i'm really sorry .
I'm a bad person , blame it on me please .

Enuf ler for the emo-ing .
I dont feel right this midnight , coldness freaks me out .
Saw something just now , idk it's real or not , my heart suddenly feels like , pain ?
Wow i really do hate that person when he finds me , z . henourandenihuizaowo,tiaobowodexinxian . WTF ?

Then then then , sigh la .
Sampat , z
Off the top we go.
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