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Thursday, December 30, 2010 @ 6:32 PM
This is life
To crazy, you can be like me.
Well, this will be the last post for 2010, today's date is 3oth, December.

A year really pass so fast, SO FAST. I mean it.
Lets emo then.

In 2010,
You see friends, those are real, and those are not.
Realized human can really change so fast.
Tried to get back her or him like last time, when both of you are so damn like twins. (?)
But now? Try think, are they still so close? No, the answer is no.
Still a sad case, cause i miss her, her and her so much, old times.

Luckily i still have you all, HENGDAIS ;) And 3yiS one, love you all.

Now i'm like this :x

You've find out most people are lonely. LONELY INDEED.
Facebooking and twitting? Hah, this is silly.
Behind the laughings you'll find emptiness in your mind, you're just blending in.
Humans are complicated; Girls are problems; Boys are.. Hmm ): makesmesad.

Independent and strong, brave.
For a girl? This is hard, so hard. What'd you felt? Hi, lonely.

And apologies, I really had to say sorry for someone(s).
I appreciate the goods that you gave, it's really nice, so nice.
Unfortunately the Cupid fools around me everytime, I'm so bad ): I hurt people.
sorry i didnt mean it, slap me please.

And you, I'm quite surprised when you posted that status a few days ago.
I hope it's not real, cz i hate my feelings for you, sigh, you're the one who made me cry the most :x I dont wish to believe my heart, those had past, so that means you're a past tense already, byebye.
And i really do wish you happy.


Tons of wish for next year ;)
I hope those can be real, oh god bless!
4Axiao? I hope it rocks my 2011.
Done emo. It's for lapsap.
Off the top we go.
Saturday, December 25, 2010 @ 11:38 PM
Ohnana, celyn's my name.
Time past so fast, one more week then its SKOOL REOPEN DAY blahblahblah.
Still got 20minutes christmas, when i typed this sentence. What a memorable 2010 (: It's gonna say byebye, BON VOYAGE.
it's been a lonely one, this year.

But thanks to skype, i really had much fun! *Muahs.

Well the results are out, UEC only 2As, and PMR only 5 ): sad result.
Because i didn't fight for it, i admit, sad caseee!
The good thing is i still got to own new things hehe! I still dk what only :P

Okay it's over, christmas is over, now's 12am already haha! lame.

sometimes, i still wonder..

Sigh, idk what went wrong last week.
I'm afraid to hurt people, so i avoid answering questions. *sorrry ):
Sad, it makes me feel sad too. truly.

我们都是一群不懂事的小孩,相爱何必? ;) 伤自己

wo cui ruo.
*well i still will miss you, just sometimes, not often.

Off the top we go.
Friday, December 10, 2010 @ 10:21 AM
Hao , hols hen sien , really .
I went korea , 2nd of december until the 6th , great trip , but no snow ): Oh snowie snow snow , we don't have the fate .


It's december , HI . Christmas is coming , continue by that it's new year's eve .
Time past so fast , FAST .
I DONT HAVE A DATE . I do really mind about that .
I'm done with celebrating festive seasons with my lappie and i hate it ._.

Recently facebook really bored , bored bored bored . SO THAT'S WHY I DUWAN TO SPEND IT WITH 'EM WHEN IT'S CHRISTMAS , how sad , sad case , if it is like that .
Saw a boy , who suicide , he wrote notes and status , first i tot it's just jokes . BUT HE DID SUICIDE OMFG , only for a 4 months girlfriend , why shud ? SIGH . pity , rip .

I wanna get out from the house so badly , oh i wish i can drive now :@
HMM , so what'd you wished for ? In christmas . God bless .
Mariah carey's , ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU . How ? I dont have anyone , why so lonely . 3yi2yigangs i miss you all much ): why oh whyyyyyy .

Desperate for next year , hahaha , btw , i'm not going to transfer skool . Not much people knew this LOL , since not much people gonna see this , imma say it out here ;) I remember zile said me this cat face sure transfer bu dao skool woots , i love you zile ! hao heng dai *xoxo

crazy over myself . RAWR .

There's no gettin over you O:
I'm tired of getting into any relationship so complicated zz .
Sometimes being quiet , being cool , is the best way , best way to provide any feelings coming over me again , over you .

I'maflirty :$ Well i do admit . But , who knows the reason why ? HEHE , cold .

It's morning , morning now . xoxo miss me please , love me too .
HELLO BYEBYE , life is nice (: Fact .
Off the top we go.
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