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Saturday, April 30, 2011 @ 2:21 PM
Dislike this week so much. ):
No mood at all for the week, reasons? The exam is coming, and of course.. *someone
Just hung up a phone, I was so mad. But he never called back also. So..
This picture tells it all. Tumblr is my life.
Keep asking myself why should I care so much, seriously, he's a flirty.

Well, just blogging how sad I am now, since my sister went out with her friends.

Oh and, The #RoyalWedding yesterday, 29th of April.

Look how cute is Kate and Will (:
You want a Royal Wedding too? Don't worry.

Prince Harry is also a fever now! LOL, ten years later imma be his wife :D
And he's naughty too haha.


But I'll still love lovely Justin Baby, always
Off the top we go.
Monday, April 25, 2011 @ 6:34 PM
Everyday missin' missin' you.
AN AMAZING WEEK, passed. Hmm, I guess I'm suppose to update blog last week, like today is already Monday haha wtf.
The biggest event of last week......... JUSTIN BIEBER NEVER SAY NEVER MY WORLD TOUR!
Omfg, it was like a dream come true, my hubby came to Malaysia!
I love this the most :$ I'l never forget that night, 21/4/2011, every girl's dream <3
The lucky OLLG, it means One Less Lonely Girl, *like every beliebers know okay? Hahaha* was not me ): So sad ): We are sooo jealous LOL.
AND GUESS WHAT HE SAID?! "It's so hot here, it must be all the pretty girl out there!" OMG, we screamed and screamed and screamed like crazy.
Also, congrats to him for having 9million beliebers already in twitter! owh em gee A_A
We do hope you'll come back Malaysia bieber baby (:

Okay then I had a bieber fever the next day, IT WAS REALLY A FEVER, and skipped skool LOL. I wanna thanks sasa so much for the panadols too ;)

Sunday I went to J O G A T H O N! omygosh, it was so fun! We.. walked, actually. Because running 10km is really, really tiring. Took a lot of photos, we really loved the cameras O_O
Zile and jimmy were posing all the time, funny, I love these friends so much (:

SEE THESE GUYS hahaha (:
Two little girls LOL.
Waiyeh Ryan olingo.
US *muack.


After that, RED RIDING HOOD in pavi :D
NICE MOVIE. At first we thought Peter, the middle boy in the poster is the werewolf but at last it is... OMG, you all really have to watch it! And Amanda Seyfried is so damn hot (:
wooots, goddess!

And before going in the cinema, met these two crazy dudes.
HAHAHA I can't believe they are taller than me == Oh whatever, but I still wanna get taller, 180cm please wohoo.

Hmm, hmm, hmm.
You? Ilikeditsomuchwhenweflirttoeachother,sosweetitmeltsmyheart.
All about you spreaded in my twitter account.
Well if you're seeing this you shud know LOL. But I think you won't.
#My mood follows you.
This feel sometimes sucks.
*Cause whenever, U Smile I Smile.

Oh, and, I heard a lot of couple appeared again, pray for them. (:

Life goes on again, continuing my busy life in skool ): AWWWWW.
Flalala in a bad mood now ): Bye
Off the top we go.
Sunday, April 17, 2011 @ 4:47 PM
Missed, the one you miss.
A week passed again ): And it's Sunday again yo.
The weather is sooooo hot, and now I'm annoyed by my dad, calling me to study -.-
Ah, yes, exams again after exams. It's really tiring you know??!! Oh stupid skool.

Why I'm calling the skool stupid? Everybody agrees. Have you seen before.. Errr forget about it -.-
They cut our hair. I'm like HATE my hair now, seriously. The fringe is weird, so i cut a bob style thingy, and it became more weird, as I expected == And I regretted again
And the two stupid pimples on my face!! Omfg, fml. These two friends have been there for a week, zuzen keep teasing on me BECAUSE OF THE PIMPLES.
ARGHHHHHH TELL ME HOW TO GET RID OF PIMPLES! I've search the web.. But nothing really helps, fml more TT
Okay I'm being freaked out, just like #the one you miss doesn't ephing text you.

I've just finished JUSTIN BIEBER NEVER SAY NEVER 3D yesterday..
Love every part in the movie :$ It's not insane okay guys -.- Maybe it is.. BECAUSE I'VE BOUGHT A PURPLE SHIRT JUST FOR HIM :$ Though I not so into purple :s
The most jealous part in the movie is the workers randomly pick some girls to the stage while babyJB is singing One Less Lonely Girl and the best part is he gives them flowerssss awwww ENVY.
SEEEEEEEE, not a clear image, but I've done my best hehe. I wish he can do that too in Malaysia ): I wish I could be the lucky one also (: I'm dreaming -.-
I want to share this vid of his perfect slow motion hair flipping scene too! KILLS ME!!

Whatever, I dont care if the rating was just 1.2/10, he is just so awesome (:
Love you biebs, forever!! #NeverSayNever, to your dreams peeps (:

After the movie we met up with daddy haha, he took us for dinner at La Bodega, a Spanish restaurant, yums. Then movie again, SOURCE CODE.
Luen shui movie again, summore need to watch until 12am something!!
Haih whatever, we need to spend time with beloved dad, right? (:

Okay that's a wrap for the movies. Hehe.
Now it's emo time again.

Idk what to say, besides apologizing, everything is useless, right? Yes.
Xie xie ni de mei hao.
That's all I wanna say, our love faded away.
There's someone who's always been in my heart..
Well I think the feeling stayed, and I just didn't realized, and let it went on

Hmm, it's enough, it's getting so bored.
Do you ever get tired?
The one who loves you most, sees you in silence, shhhhh (:

For the last, be proud is you have haters or copy-cat-ers, they love you and they just can't get enough, aww *muack muack
Tata byebye wulala (; Prepare to have another bad week tomorrow, fight!
BY THE WAY, follow me on twitter. @rawrcelyn and stay online for next week :$
Off the top we go.
Thursday, April 7, 2011 @ 5:12 PM
#NeverSayNever, wrongly described.
So.. Hello, it's been days, hours, minutes, seconds I didn't update my bloggie dy (:
*Time is gold, you said, it's April Fool's month already ): Aww i miss last year, doyouremember? Ormaybeyoudont, haha.
March, not a good month. Things that I don't wanna let them happen, happened.

I've changed my background, NICE RIGHT? Yepeng says it looks warm, and nice :$ If you're seeing this and you have comments please leave something in that effing empty cbox, sigh, regret that I didn't save my previous one -.-

Well, if you guys want to search for some nice blog templates, try what I'm using (: click here for tons of them, but most of them don't have the commenting thing, and you'll have to edit the html yourself, SO HARD WORK. Or try shabbyblogs.com and thebackgroundfairy.com for easier ones! Peace.

Hi, I liked this much (:
I'm still so addicted to LOMO, my friend had just bought instax mini 7s, I got a golden half from Quek Ren Yee (: But sadly I don't know how to take the film out, *SOB*

I've finally watched black swan that day, with my mum, so awkward, many sex scenes O: Luen shui movie like sucker punch, all of them have mental problems zzz.
The horrifying make up :s

And the lesbo scene -.- Wierd right watching it with mum? LOTS OF LAUGH.

There's still so many movie I wanna watch, but so busy, grr, exam's around the corner again! Ish.

Hmm, these days many upset things happened.. Why so bad luck uh? O_O Friends getting busted, and some are sad cz of their love ones..
And for me? Aww, that's too much, tired (: But I was happy, WAS, I swear, with you, everything goes right.
We really have to cheer up, as they say, crying won't solve problems. AZA AZA FIGHT.

Aww dylanleeyihan.

Suffering from stress iiish, my eyes getting smaller day by day! fuqs.
Thank you guys for concerning, but you all won't ever know, only she knows me much. iloveyouwanjin.

YAY, finally a slightly epic wall post, off to do my works again ): Fuck CH, buhbyeeee, xoxo hugs and kisses!
Off the top we go.
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When people think positive. Sadness. I F E E L E M P T Y. Hello peeeeeps, it's been a ... Melancholy. Everyday missin' missin' you. Missed, the one you miss. #NeverSayNever, wrongly described. Retarded, and empty. Let us fly fly fe-la-ai. I've become so numb.So confusing, complicated.Idk ...