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falls down
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Saturday, March 19, 2011 @ 2:11 PM
Let us fly fly fe-la-ai.
Exam ended, then hols started.
Well.. Hols's gonna end too actually -.- One more day.
Guess what, i spent most of my holidays in JAPAN, JEH-PAN!!

I'm so in love with this picture hahaha. Japan was fun, totally.
Appreciated the toilets hahhaa all so high tech! :B
I'll never forget this trip.. Cause, the day i went there was the day earthquake and tsunami happened O_O 1132011.


Oh My Justin Bieber (:

Hmmmmm so lucky that he's by my side.
Caring and loving, so happy about that :$
Haha, But sadly, sadly I still can't make up the decision yet ): Sigh.
Everyday everyday everyday I'm thinking about you you you (:

So many homeworks..........
And i dont wanna do :P I know, Iknoweverybodyhasthesamethought.
Hahaha so I'm not alone :D

Okay, short post here. Gotta go mum's house teehee, imisshersomuch.
Off the top we go.
Look back, memories;

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Stay, now.

I've become so numb.So confusing, complicated.Idk ... By controlling myself ): No, no, what happened? So, (?) I'm really a pervert, LOL. Bored like wthell. Fear, crawling trough my friggin sensitive nerves.... Xoxoxo, in the new beginning. New year ;) 1.1.11 This is life