When love
falls down
you are the only one i need
stay close
Muhmah Mieyah;
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Saturday, April 30, 2011 @ 2:21 PM
Dislike this week so much. ):
No mood at all for the week, reasons? The exam is coming, and of course.. *someone
Just hung up a phone, I was so mad. But he never called back also. So..
This picture tells it all. Tumblr is my life.
Keep asking myself why should I care so much, seriously, he's a flirty.

Well, just blogging how sad I am now, since my sister went out with her friends.

Oh and, The #RoyalWedding yesterday, 29th of April.

Look how cute is Kate and Will (:
You want a Royal Wedding too? Don't worry.

Prince Harry is also a fever now! LOL, ten years later imma be his wife :D
And he's naughty too haha.


But I'll still love lovely Justin Baby, always
Off the top we go.
Look back, memories;

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Stay, now.

Everyday missin' missin' you. Missed, the one you miss. #NeverSayNever, wrongly described. Retarded, and empty. Let us fly fly fe-la-ai. I've become so numb.So confusing, complicated.Idk ... By controlling myself ): No, no, what happened? So, (?) I'm really a pervert, LOL.