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Thursday, April 7, 2011 @ 5:12 PM
#NeverSayNever, wrongly described.
So.. Hello, it's been days, hours, minutes, seconds I didn't update my bloggie dy (:
*Time is gold, you said, it's April Fool's month already ): Aww i miss last year, doyouremember? Ormaybeyoudont, haha.
March, not a good month. Things that I don't wanna let them happen, happened.

I've changed my background, NICE RIGHT? Yepeng says it looks warm, and nice :$ If you're seeing this and you have comments please leave something in that effing empty cbox, sigh, regret that I didn't save my previous one -.-

Well, if you guys want to search for some nice blog templates, try what I'm using (: click here for tons of them, but most of them don't have the commenting thing, and you'll have to edit the html yourself, SO HARD WORK. Or try shabbyblogs.com and thebackgroundfairy.com for easier ones! Peace.

Hi, I liked this much (:
I'm still so addicted to LOMO, my friend had just bought instax mini 7s, I got a golden half from Quek Ren Yee (: But sadly I don't know how to take the film out, *SOB*

I've finally watched black swan that day, with my mum, so awkward, many sex scenes O: Luen shui movie like sucker punch, all of them have mental problems zzz.
The horrifying make up :s

And the lesbo scene -.- Wierd right watching it with mum? LOTS OF LAUGH.

There's still so many movie I wanna watch, but so busy, grr, exam's around the corner again! Ish.

Hmm, these days many upset things happened.. Why so bad luck uh? O_O Friends getting busted, and some are sad cz of their love ones..
And for me? Aww, that's too much, tired (: But I was happy, WAS, I swear, with you, everything goes right.
We really have to cheer up, as they say, crying won't solve problems. AZA AZA FIGHT.

Aww dylanleeyihan.

Suffering from stress iiish, my eyes getting smaller day by day! fuqs.
Thank you guys for concerning, but you all won't ever know, only she knows me much. iloveyouwanjin.

YAY, finally a slightly epic wall post, off to do my works again ): Fuck CH, buhbyeeee, xoxo hugs and kisses!
Off the top we go.
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Stay, now.

Retarded, and empty. Let us fly fly fe-la-ai. I've become so numb.So confusing, complicated.Idk ... By controlling myself ): No, no, what happened? So, (?) I'm really a pervert, LOL. Bored like wthell. Fear, crawling trough my friggin sensitive nerves.... Xoxoxo, in the new beginning.