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Saturday, May 28, 2011 @ 9:38 PM
I F E E L E M P T Y.

Hello peeeeeps, it's been a very very long time since my last update, right? See, it's already May O_O And it's the first day of the hols already, today ):
Well, sorry, I have to much things to busy, like exams and emo-ing, too much, just TOO MUCH.

The results? Urgh, forget about it, somebody effected me during the week, sooooo it's not as good as the March one ): This is soooo sad.

Movie with the 4Axiao yesterday, the movie I've been waiting, KUNG FU PANDA 2.
Omg awesome movieeeee, but the first episode was better :x
And the most awesome thing is,
You get to see the baby version of Po, the panda :P
Cute right cute right?
Ush ush, nice crazy day with Jieying, Yiwei, Angel, Sushan, Tongxin, Kuanjun, Zhenming, Bryan, Boonhaw, Jizhun, and the late one, Derrick a.k.a Gourick :P

Like this pic (;

Ohkay, obsessed with Lumix GF2 recently,
The white one is nicer actually O_O

See what they can do (: *One touch, focus, and *snap. NICE.
The big problemo is, THE PRICE IS ABOUT RM2,000++ FML I DON'T HAVE THAT MUCH MONEY, so, sigh, another dream.

Few days agao, Justin and Selena went Hawaii, F those reporters, make my heart break.
This is really happening, OHMYGOD, stop JELENA!
And see what those haters did, LMAO.


And then there's me.

Recently, I'm so moody, moooooody.

#你知道吗? 我相信了你很久很久, 结果我还是被你的甜言蜜语骗了
我越来越觉得自己很犯贱, 我的地位何时被你贬得那么低微去了?
说要就要, 不要就不要, 原来我是你想象那种女生
我突然觉得你很狗, 很卑鄙, 很腿, 很下流, 很无耻, 很不要脸, 很自以为
然后为你这个人渣没有心情了一整天, 一整晚
你还要我去信息你? 你够了吗?

I suddenly felt tons of feeling running inside my heart, complicated, yet so simple, because I've fallen.
How cruel can a boy be?
Teenage romance fucks my life.

BUT THE WORST THING IS, hiswordsstillmeltsmyheart #nolove

Hmm, lame post ): But I've been writing it the whole day, thanks Twtter and Facebook.
Lol, holidays? Great.
Off the top we go.
Look back, memories;

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Melancholy. Everyday missin' missin' you. Missed, the one you miss. #NeverSayNever, wrongly described. Retarded, and empty. Let us fly fly fe-la-ai. I've become so numb.So confusing, complicated.Idk ... By controlling myself ): No, no, what happened? So, (?)