When love
falls down
you are the only one i need
stay close
Muhmah Mieyah;
Leave something before you go.
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iwasborn 1995, August 1st.
Celyn Lim, name of this girl.
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Sunday, July 17, 2011 @ 12:04 PM
Hello peeps, I'm like OHMYFUCKGAWD haven't been updating for like, one month? LOL.
And today it's already 17th of July, sucks, I hate every July ): It's like every time every year I'm also sad at this period. D:

And yes, so.. I've got my braces about a month ago, well, at first it was not good ): Ulcers everywhere in da mouth LOL I hate it sho much.
But it's already been a month, so, this is the recent me. Any changes? :D

Oh and the results, sucks, well, have to brush up tho. HMM sad case.

Love life?
Sometimes it feels lonely, but sometimes you feel good (:
When you have nobody to love. LOL

That day I was stupid, jealous.
But and then I realized he never belonged to me right?
He's not even my bf LOL.
And we're just friends.
So why shud I care.
And he loves her too.
I'm just another fool.
Once, a fool.
Off the top we go.
Look back, memories;

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Stay, now.

I F E E L E M P T Y. Hello peeeeeps, it's been a ... Melancholy. Everyday missin' missin' you. Missed, the one you miss. #NeverSayNever, wrongly described. Retarded, and empty. Let us fly fly fe-la-ai. I've become so numb.So confusing, complicated.Idk ... By controlling myself ): No, no, what happened?